Real Confidence

Real Confidence

Hosted by: Alyssa Dver

Real confidence isn't a situational feeling. It's a consistent choice of being. Yet we are rarely taught how to do it. That is, until now. Join America's Confidence Coach, bestselling author, speaker & CEO...

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Ep 8: Real Confidence- Why Everyone Could Use a Little Rejection Here and There (Dealing with Disappointment)

Why Everyone Could Use A Little Rejection Here And There….   No kidding - life happens.  For all the planning and preparing we do, circumstances beyond our control are bound to impact us for better and worse.  If...
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Ep 7: Real Confidence- How to Deal with Grown-Up Bullies

I get asked to speak on a variety of topics.  Most of them are on very similar topics: confidence in the workplace, confidence to give presentations, confidence to participate in meetings, psychological safety,...
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Ep 6: Real Confidence - Overconfidence, Cocky, Bitchy and All Forms of Arrogance

Is It Too Much of A Good Thing, Or Too Little of the Real Thing?  You probably know someone who considers themselves “very confident.” They wear their, *ahem*, “overconfidence” on their sleeves. Often to the...
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Ep 5: Real Confidence- Why Financial Planning is a Confidence Killer with Special Guest Juli Erhart-Graves

I’ve Got Money On My Mind, And It’s Stressing Me Out Fear of financial failure is an enormous stress for me. And I know I’m far from being alone. Studies show that insecurities over money affect women regardless of...
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Ep 4: Real Confidence- The Opposite of Confidence is NOT Insecurity

Episode #4

You’re not insecure. You’re just not clear. Here’s a question that’s caused quite a bit of controversy in the past: “What’s the opposite of confidence?” Think about it for a second….. If you said insecurity, you’re in...
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Ep 3: Real Confidence- Fattest Person in the Gym with Special Guest Caroline Dawson

Episode #3

“I can’t go to the gym – I don’t look fit enough yet!” Have you ever walked into the gym and immediately regretted it? Did you look around the room and see the muscle guys and the matchy-matchy Lululemon sets, and...
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Ep 2: Real Confidence- I'm In Recovery and Its Not What You Think

Episode #2

I'm in recovery. But it's not the kind that you think. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. In the pursuit of our goals, we may veer off course, lose our sense of purpose, and worst of all, lose confidence in...
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Ep 1: Real Confidence- Not Everyone's Going to Like You

Episode #1

Around the age of sixty, your confidence starts to peak. No, it’s not because we’re finally in a place where our experience outweighs all those little nagging doubts. It’s definitely not a result of some golden state...
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Welcome to Real Confidence

After training 350,000 people, I can confidently say that EVERYONE has some type of confidence challenge. Maybe you are petrified in meetings or God forbid asked to present something.  Maybe certain people make you...
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