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  • Books – pre-purchase or sell directly to attendees
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  • Book discussion groups – at or after the event facilitated by Alyssa
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  • Online interview with Alyssa – for promotion before and after the event
  • Next step workshops – offered at or after the event
  • Shots of Confidence – mini-coaching sessions for event attendees, sponsors and staff

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Kristen Hunter

Senior Event Director, ExL Events/ExL Pharma

"I can't say enough great things about Alyssa. The audience was engaged from beginning to end and she provided extremely valuable and practical information for them to take away and apply to improve their confidence and events. It was the ideal way to start the event, leaving the audience inspired, excited and ready to improve themselves."

Dr. Tom Bourdon, Ed.D.

Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Staples

"Alyssa is fantastic! She recently spoke at Staples for the 3rd time, and was insightful, engaging, and even incorporated a great dose of humor into such an important topic: having and giving confidence. Her talks have a great balance of personal and relatable experiences and well as science-backed data.”

Jaelyn Hecht

Commercial Services Leader, IBM

“Alyssa brought forth excellent enthusiasm and her passion for inspiring confidence was apparent from the moment she stepped on stage. Her personal experience and pathways to discovering the effects of neuroscience and confidence is eye-opening. I highly recommend Alyssa for anyone looking to instill change and positive momentum for their organization.”


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"Speaking experts" usually lack technical credibility and deliver fluffy, shallow knowledge.

Alyssa is an "Expert Speaker" - using best practices and brain science to entertain and educate.

She also knows what it's like firsthand to run events and strives to deliver a stress-free speaker experience to you and your group.

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