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Julie Abril
Specialty: Adults over 35
Languages: English & Korean

Karen Boise
Specialty: 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching – Women 30+
Languages: English

Maryia Bokhan

Specialty: Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Emotional Trauma, Motivation
Languages: English, Russian

Olu Burrell

Specialty: Executive/ Leadership, Personal, Organizational and Career Coaching
Languages: English

Nicole Bowe-Rahming
Specialty: Women, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Driven Professionals, Teens
Languages: English

Christine Conte
Specialty: Women through life transitions, specializing in divorce and single parenting
Languages: English

Jenn Crenshaw

Specialty: Career Transitions such as newly promoted, new entrepreneur
Languages: English

Brooklyn Dicent
Specialty: Women, Execs in sales with on stage and on camera presentation skills
Languages: English & Spanish

Karen Donaldson
Specialty: Women 
Languages: English

Dr. Kyle Elliott
Specialty: ​Career, interview, and executive coaching for senior managers, executives, and C-suite leaders in tech, social impact, and purpose-driven careers
Languages: English

Sally Foley Lewis
Specialty: Executive and Management Individual and Team Coaching
Languages: English

Sharon Fountain
Specialty: Executives, Communication & Presentation, Org. Dev.
Languages: English

Treva Graves
Specialty: Entrepreneurs, business & sales executives, women who want to rise up in their companies to take on management and leadership roles
Languages: English

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare
Specialty: Executive & Life Coaching
Languages: English

Jody Kennett
Specialty: Women's Leadership, Communication, Emerging Leaders
Languages: English

Dianna Leeder
Specialty: Women blocked from being themselves
Languages: English

Kim Meninger
Specialty: Early to mid-career women professionals.
Languages: English

Layan Mhanna
Specialty: Men and women in their 20s and 30s
Languages: English & Arabic

Jeannie Moravits Smith
Specialty:  Connection, Personal & Professional Leadership, Teams
Languages: English

Alisha Morgan
Specialty: Energy Leadership Index Assessment, any demographic 
Languages: English

Michelle Morkert
Specialty: High-achieving, glass-ceiling shattering women
Languages: English

Eti Moskowitz
Specialty: Women's Empowerment
Languages: English, Hebrew

Edith Nkwocha
Specialty: non-native speakers of English, executives, diplomats, physicians
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan

Kymberly O’Brien, CPCC, PCC
Specialty: Executive, Career, Performance & Life Coaching
Languages: English

Kathy Jo Pollack
Specialty: Finance, relationships, etiquette, confidence
Languages: English

Elizabeth Sheehan
Specialty: Hypnosis, Teens & College Students, Executives, Women
Languages: English

Cynthia Trejo
Specialty: Women
Languages: English, Spanish

Leonna van de Meer
Specialty: Leadership Development, Business Coaching
Languages: English

Jeanette Winters

Specialty: ​Execs, new managers & leaders
Languages: English

Meguido Zola

Specialty: Spiritual Coaching, Coaching for Meaning
Languages: English