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We are dedicated to bringing more confidence to the world and use brain science as the basis for what and how we teach.

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Our Story

American Confidence Institute (ACI) was started in 2015 as a result of HR.com’s interest in Alyssa Dver’s 5th book, Ms. Informed. Soon after, ACI received ICF accreditation and began offering eclasses, workshops, and coaching certification programs. 

Now recognized as THE confidence experts, the ACI team has trained over 350,000 individuals and certified over 200 coaches from around the world.

Alyssa Dver
CEO & Chief Confidence Officer


Client List

Meet the ACI Team


Alyssa Dver

Chief Confidence Officer


Dr. Wade McNair

Organizational Psychologist


Jeanette Winters

Chief Coaching Officer


Kristin Deegan

Chief Operations Officer


Maureen Cidzik

Chief Marketing Officer


Sharon Goldstein

Chief Academic Officer


Pam Micznik

Instructional Design


Jan Paterson

PR & Media Relations


Elior Moscowitz

Research Analyst


Zak Weinstein

Research Analyst


Andrew Ziff

Research Analyst


Connor Lewis

Multimedia Producer