The (Real) Reason You're Not Applying Yourself

You’ve likely heard this statistic from Hewlett Packard’s internal study: Men apply for jobs when they believe they meet 60% of the qualifications, while women only apply when they are 100% qualified. Once they apply, however, a recent LinkedIn study found...

Self-Awareness Can Support or Sabotage Confidence

While Self-awareness is closely linked to self-confidence, it can also backfire. Knowing yourself helps you understand your capabilities, values, and desires. To do this, you need to ask yourself the right questions or the process can actually hurt your self-confidence.  


Why You're Too Tired to be Confident

Should you hit snooze on your alarm clock or get out of bed now? What should you eat for breakfast? Will you take the train or bus to work today? These choices may seem small, but they add up fast: Between all of them (big and small) it’s estimated that we make about 35,000...

Your Brain-Gut Confidence Connection

Ever…know something in your gut? Get butterflies in your stomach? Feel your stomach turn under pressure? Then you’ve already felt your “brain-gut connection”. But what you might not be aware of is exactly how deep that connection goes…
What is the Brain-Gut...

Why Are We Attracted to Confidence?


Confidence is attractive, right?

According to most people: yes.

Confidence continuously tops the lists of desirable traits in a romantic partner and was named by Forbes as one of the top three traits employers look for in prospective employees.

But why?

There’s a...

Does Clarity Create Confidence? (or Vice Versa)?

Lacking a life vision or purpose can be at least unsettling. However, if you have a direction that you aren’t completely confident about, that is equally terrifying, perhaps even paralyzing.

For example, do you have a job that you really don’t like – even hate? I bet it...