Why Quiet Can = Confident

Most people think outwardness and confidence go hand in hand. From heavily socialized classrooms to open floor plan offices, western society grooms extroverted tendencies and then scans for those same traits when teasing out the leaders from the followers—believing that...

How to Deal With an Insecure Boss

No matter how hard you work to strengthen and sustain your own confidence, there will always be people who put it to the test; acting in ways (whether intentionally or not) that threaten to blow your hard-earned skills to the ground, like a flimsy house of cards. 

Upon first glance, these...

Real Mental Health Reasons Why I Clean My Own House


People who know me are often surprised that I don’t have a housekeeper. While I can afford it and with all that I manage and do, it would seem I ‘should’ have someone help.

Some people may see cleaning as something below them, a waste of time, or simply something they...

Confidence and Constructive Criticism

Criticism can cut, though some people have higher pain tolerances. But if you don’t consider yourself good at taking feedback, there’s hope.  Receiving constructive criticism is a learnable skill that perhaps ironically, builds confidence.

Why feedback hurts:

Meet Bonehead Behaviors with In Control Confidence

Picture this: You’ve worked hard to prepare for an important meeting: researching the data, studying the numbers, and compiling notes. Come meeting day, you open your mouth to make your first point when your co-worker jumps in—speaking louder than you. When you finally do...

College Bound Confidence – Ours More Than Theirs

Sure, we want our kids to have consistent confidence – heading to college and always. That’s a topic in itself for another blog at least – maybe even a book. But what about us parents?  We know that the nerves and newness quickly fade behind more relevant memories of all...