Why Are We Attracted to Confidence?


Confidence is attractive, right?

According to most people: yes.

Confidence continuously tops the lists of desirable traits in a romantic partner and was named by Forbes as one of the top three traits employers look for in prospective employees.

But why?

There’s a...

Does Clarity Create Confidence? (or Vice Versa)?

Lacking a life vision or purpose can be at least unsettling. However, if you have a direction that you aren’t completely confident about, that is equally terrifying, perhaps even paralyzing.

For example, do you have a job that you really don’t like – even hate? I bet it...

Tornados – Mother Nature’s and Mine

The tornado watch thankfully just ended. At least the one outside.

With cell phone alarms and TV warnings that it was headed right for my neighborhood, I went into a doomsday scenario: what if our house is leveled? What can’t I replace?  What would be a pain to replace? ...

The Success Trinity = IQ + EQ + CQ

For decades, IQ was used as the sole measure of a person’s intelligence and core competencies. But now, people are realizing that IQ isn’t enough alone to succeed. In fact, studies show that it only accounts for about 10 to 20% of your performance. The rest depends on other...

Enough is Enough

Enough is the most underutilized word in the American-English language. We should use it a lot more since it is key to confidence.

We are a society that fundamentally believes that ‘more is better’. Our socially rigged lens (and relentless social media reminders)...

Confessions from a Former Old School Snob

Maybe it was my hyper-critical New York upbringing or perhaps my competitive Ivy League attitude…whatever the cause, the person I was in college was not nice. I was sour, dour, and altogether arrogant. No denying—I was bitchy – as in an old school-defined snob.

In stark...

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