EP 65: Real Confidence- Live Confidence Coaching with Eti Moskowitz

There’s a certain magic that happens when we coach someone on confidence at the Institute. We experience it regularly in our coaching certification practica and in our Pitch workshops and even informally, in casual conversations outside the coaching bubble. 

It’s not supernatural or mystical by any means, but it IS powerful. 

So often, maybe even 99% of the time, the confidence problem we think we have isn’t the one we need to solve so we can move forward. It’s the “problem behind the problem”.

I’ll give you an example: A lot of people come to me wanting to feel more confident about their presentation skills. They hate presenting. When I say to them, “Okay, so don’t present. Problem solved,” they freak out a little bit. 

Because if presenting were the actual problem, they wouldn’t freak out when I say that – they’d feel some relief instead and go on their way. 

But that little freak out interrupts the story they’re telling themselves about their presentation skills and opens up some space in their brains for us to get to the heart of the matter together. 

What are they really struggling with? What are they scared of? What’s the real source of the fear?

Then we’re able to work on the next right step they can take to gain control of their brains and start moving toward what they want and if you’ve been following my work for a while you already know what I’m about to say: this process is effective because confident isn’t what you think – it’s HOW. 

In this episode, I take special guest Eti Moskowitz, one of ACI’s confidence coaches, through the process to find out what’s holding her back from showing the world what a talented and devoted coach she is. 

I hope you’ll listen in and hear the magic for yourself.