EP 53: Real Confidence- The Confidence to Own Your Career with Special Guest Andy Storch

You might remember my guest on this episode from an earlier conversation we had about owning your health and I’m delighted to say that Andy Storch is back and this time we’re talking about careers. Specifically, how to move through the fear and anxiety that sets in when we want or need to make a change but are too scared to start. 

We recorded this episode last year and if it was relevant then, it’s even more relevant now given more waves of layoffs, the arrival of AI and the opportunities that’s creating: More and more people I talk to are waking up and realizing that they don’t actually like what they do for a living anymore – if they ever did. 

So, whether you fell into your career by accident, chose it what you thought was deliberately, or just have a boss who kind of sucks, Andy’s got great insights into how to tap into what could be – or is – next for you. 

And it all starts by learning how to listen to what’s hiding beneath the din of the alarm bells our brains sound off when it’s time to make a change. 

Put in your earbuds and get ready to take some notes as Andy and I talk about:

  • An obvious but also surprising reason a lot of us find ourselves drifting through our careers and/or our lives
  • The antidote to what set us adrift and why putting into play is so terrifying
  • A practice we all pay lip service to but few us make time to do that really can change everything
  • What blinds us to seeing that we have more options to change or improve our job situations than we think; and
  • Three areas where we can build skills and focus that contribute to confidently owning our careers and lives

Andy Storch is an author, consultant, coach, speaker and facilitator on a mission to get the most out of life and inspire others to do the same. He is the author of the book, Own Your Career Own Your Life, which is designed to help professionals stop drifting and take control of their futures. Learn more at  ownyourcareerownyourlife.com.