EP 52: Real Confidence- How to be Confident in your “Yes”

A couple of episodes ago, we talked about how to say no with confidence. That’s an easy one to relate to, because we all worry about hurting someone’s feelings, coming across as a wet blanket or just plain negative or difficult.

In that case, we find ourselves saying yes when we really mean no.

Guess what? That’s not a confident yes.

Neither is the “Yes, I’m going to do X because it will prove I’m a risk taker,” or “Yes, sign me up for Y, because then everyone will know I’m a good person.” 

And then there’s the kind of Yes all the people pleasers in the audience will recognize: the one we say when it’s more important to keep the peace and make others happy while our own needs or wants go unmet.

So, what is a confident yes?

The short answer is, it’s one you know in your gut, aligns with your values, needs and wants – even in the face of fear.

Maybe especially in the face of fear.

Ready to get your Yes on? Click to listen.