EP 51: Real Confidence- Confident Writing with Special Guest Erin Lebacqz

I meet and coach a lot of people where even the idea of presenting or speaking in public stops them in their tracks. Totally understandable and relatable, right? Because when we present or speak, we’re doing it live – no do overs! – and in front of an audience that may or may not be friendly.

What might surprise you is that for many of us, the same fear comes up with writing – even though it’s a solitary activity and that it’s rare we’re with the reader real-time while they’re taking in our words.

So why is that? Is it because the written word is lasting and has more permanence? Because each word we put down becomes part of some kind of paper trail that can be referenced, misinterpreted or used against us later? And with remote work now more the norm than the exception, those fears are exacerbated.

I wanted to dive a little deeper into what’s going on here. Not just because I love to write, but because almost of us spend an enormous amount of time every day writing emails, texts, social media posts, analyses, project plans, even performance reviews – and reading them, too.

Who better than to help me understand the roots of writing insecurity and what we can do to feel more confident about how we express our ideas than Erin Lebacqz, author of  High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing.

If you have questions about what “real world writing” is and how it can help you become a more confident, authentic, true, and effective communicator listen as we talk about:

  • How we all unconsciously think we’re being graded what we write like when we were in school
  • The disconnect between how we were taught to write and the everyday writing we actually need to do
  • Why the drive to impress and “get it right” dilutes – or worse – buries our message
  • The reason why the more context, description and setup you include, the less confident you might sound; and
  • How to be clear, concise, direct and confident with the words you put into the world and not sound like a jerk

Erin Lebacqz has been helping people write with clarity and confidence at work and beyond for over twenty years. She has taught in the private, public, non-profit, and academic sectors, both in the United States and internationally. You can buy her book here and learn more about her work at highvaluewriting.com