EP 50: Real Confidence- 50 Episodes & One Big A-ha!

Listener friends, 

The 50th episode of Real Confidence just dropped, and I‘m all but stunned. Certainly time flies when you're doing something really fun and fulfilling.  But the ACI team knows,  I really had no interest in doing another podcast. 

When my marketing manager first brought it up at a meeting all I could think was “Been there, done that, not interested in doing it again.” I had hosted many podcast and videocast series even before they were a thing - like 20+ years ago in my basement with my husband filming on an actual camcorder (search on Mom Matters if you want to time travel.) 

I argued with our marketing guru, Maureen, “Does the world REALLY need another podcast? Won’t I just be adding digital litter? Who wants to hear from me when they can tune into celebrities or someone impressively accomplished? And seriously, I even doubt that my own mother or friends will listen.”

But Maureen can be really convincing and even though I wasn’t fully on board, I was like, “Okay, let’s give it a go.” 

Zero expectations. 

And boy am I glad I was absolutely wrong.

The podcast is not only extremely popular and well liked (thank you for being the reason for that!) - but I LOVE doing it.  I unexpectedly learned a TON about marketing, interviewing and all sorts of other useful lessons - but then one thing was REALLY surprising. 

I say it on every show: confidence isn’t something you “just get”. You have to do something that feels counterintuitive. Almost the opposite. If I ever doubted that for a second, recording this episode proved it.