EP 49: Real Confidence- How to Say “No” with Confidence

Elton John might think “sorry” seems to be the hardest word, but after years of confidence work I’m putting my money on “no”.

No, I can’t make the meeting.

No, I’m not interested in that.

No, that doesn’t work for me.

It should be easy, right? Because “No” all by itself is a complete sentence and yet saying it? Terrifying.

What if we hurt someone’s feelings? What if they get angry? What if they cancel us?

The fear of rejection is REAL and our brains are hardwired to protect us against it at all costs. So even when a simple “No” can suffice, we go to great lengths to justify – to the other person and ourselves – why we’re saying it. We over-explain, plead our case if you will. We do this because our brains automatically go on the defense and if you’re paying attention, you can literally feel it the moment it happens.

Can we get better at saying “No”? Can we say “No” with confidence? Yes. And there are situations in your life when you do it already without even being aware of it.

Tune in to hear what else I have to say about this two-letter word that we’re all scared of. Because when you know, you’ll “No” -  just like my friend LEGO Batman.