Ep 48: Real Confidence- The Link Between Clarity and Confidence with Special Guest Ann Latham

One of my favorite things about this podcast is getting to talk to brilliant people about things I’m personally fascinated with. The link between clarity and confidence is one of those things. 

There’s a lot of fluff out there on the subject and you know I don’t do fluff which is why I invited Ann Latham, author of The Power of Clarity, to go deep on this with me. How do clarity and confidence actually work together? Is this a chicken-and-egg  situation? Can you have one without the other or are they always a package deal? 

Even though I’m a confidence expert, I had questions and Ann had – no surprise – clear answers. I hope you’ll enjoy listening in as we talk about:

  • How none of us is as clear as we think we are 
  • Clarity exists on a continuum
  • The reason other people’s lack of clarity tricks us into thinking we know less than we do
  • How clarity helps - but isn’t the same as - confidence 
  • Five effective ways we can get clear when we’re overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time to do it

Ann Latham, known widely as the Queen of Clarity, is the author of the modern classic The Power of Clarity, the new release The Disconnect Principle, in addition to The Clarity Papers and Uncommon Meetings. She is also the founder of US-based consulting firm Uncommon Clarity®. Learn more about Ann at annlatham.com.