EP 45: Real Confidence- 57 and Kinda Fat!

I like to work. I work really hard, often ridiculous hours and yes, I like to earn money but I also do it because I know this confidence work really matters. When someone reappears in my life after hearing me speak 10 years ago and tells me how their life changed because of work we do at the Institute, it makes every late night and weekend concretely worthwhile.

But I didn’t really expect one of those talks to lead to an invitation from L’Oreal’s IT Cosmetics team asking if I’d be their spokesperson. And my reaction? I was like, “You sure? You want me? Really?”

I’m 57 years old, kinda fat and here one of the most recognized cosmetics brands in the world is telling me directly that “I’m worth it.”

I don’t even know how to describe what was going on in my head because I was utterly shocked with feeling both doubtful and deserving at the same time.

And when I tell you that it was NOT Impostor Syndrome, you might not believe me because everything gets that label stuck on it these days and that is just WRONG.

So I’m going to clear up this impostor nonsense by way of telling you a little about the journey with L’Oreal and IT Cosmetics. Because in hindsight, there are a lot of things I think you can draw on when you’ve got an exciting, but perhaps, surprising or even scary, opportunity in front of you.

And well, my team here at ACI they kept saying, tell the podcast audience, tell your fans and friends. They all played a part in making the now one-year old IT Cosmetics’ Confidence at Work launch a success. I’m not about to let at least those truly awesome people down!  From the bottom of my almost-58-year-old heart, thank you ACI team and thank you for tuning in to another Real Confidence episode!