Ep 15: Real Confidence- When Your Confidence Boost Backfires

When Your Confidence Boost Backfires

Has this ever happened to you?

You sign up for a workshop, seminar or conference that promises to help you feel more confident, productive or otherwise improve an aspect of your life or yourself. 

The speaker is inspiring, the content is lighting up your brain and you’re feeling ready to take on the world … until you’re not. 

Instead of feeling motivated to put what you’re learning into practice, you’re discouraged. You may even feel worse about your situation than before you signed up and think you suck, you’ll never get to the “after” in your story or that transformation is for “other people”. 

Why does this happen and what can we do about it? 

In this episode of Real Confidence, I take the mystery out of this phenomenon and offer practical tips on how to keep our confidence in check when these doubts creep in. 

Listen in as I talk about:  

  • How other people’s “success stories” can cause us to doubt ourselves
  • The one thing you can do going into any talk, course or program to keep you focused and grounded in your “why” for being there
  • Why celebrating your willingness to learn, grow or change is just as important as anything else you hoped to get out of the experience