Ep 13: Real Confidence- Why Net Neutral Should be the New Normal

Why Net Neutral Should be the New Normal

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You send an email or text to a friend, loved one or colleague and don’t hear back. A few more days pass and nothing. They’re ghosting you – or so you think. Or maybe you do hear back, but the answer feels cold and clipped.

You then start wondering if you said or did something wrong, go back and re-read the email you sent and replay your last interactions dozens of times.

Pretty soon you’re telling yourself a story about what you might have done wrong and thinking of a way to apologize.

Not so fast.

What if it’s not about YOU at all?

In this episode of Real Confidence, I’m going to introduce you to a concept I only recently learned about myself: NET NEUTRAL and why it’s good news for all of us.

Tune in as we dig into:

  • Why our brains immediately take us to a place of hurt, betrayal or rejection
  • What happens we put the burden on someone else to communicate better; and
  • How we can learn to take things less personally by not making assumptions
  • What you can do not to be the person who unintentionally disses someone and dings their confidence