Ep 12: Real Confidence- Presentation Confidence with Special Guest Karen Donaldson

How many people do you know – including yourself – who are terrified of giving presentations? We obsess over what people will think of us. We fear we might sound stupid or look unprepared in front our bosses, our peers and our direct reports. 

In this episode of Real Confidence, I talk to Karen Donaldson, a celebrity communication body language and confidence coach who also happens to be an ACI certified coach. 

Highlights from our conversation include: 

  • How to know where your fear of speaking comes from (and why it’s important)
  • The magic of privileging connecting with your audience over memorizing your words
  • Why you should go in expecting to make mistakes
  • The real reason you can’t fake it forever and why your nerves just might be your best friend
  • This truth: You can’t fail when you’re just being yourself 

You can learn more about Karen’s work at at karendonaldsoninc.com