Welcome to Real Confidence

After training 350,000 people, I can confidently say that EVERYONE has some type of confidence challenge. Maybe you are petrified in meetings or God forbid asked to present something.  Maybe certain people make you anxious or you’re in a relationship or job knowing it's not what they want but your past rejections constantly remind you to just suck the current situation up. And what wears down confidence more is the advice given by so-called experts with their well-intentioned motivational hero stories that only make you feel like even a bigger loser.

That’s why we’re both here. We need a better, more scientific and systematic approach. Because real confidence isn’t just about feeling better in a specific situation. It's about BEING confident consistently every time you act, react and interact with everyone. My name is Alyssa Dver and I am the founder and CEO of The American Confidence Institute and a self-proclaimed confidence crusader, neuro nerd and success equalizer.

In the Real Confidence podcasts, I’ll be demystifying some brain science and exposing social secrets. I want to teach you not just what to do but specifically how and why it impacts confidence - yours and everyone else’s.

I want you to be so comfy in your skin that you literally radiate confidence so you naturally inspire and have greater impact in all aspects of your life.  When you have real confidence, you’ll easily do and accomplish the things you really desire and most importantly, you’ll be the person you truly and authentically want to be.

Sound intriguing? Then tune in, subscribe and be part of the real confidence community.  I hope you’ll join us to bring more confidence to the world.

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