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The American Confidence Institute (ACI) works diligently to collect and share relevant information about confidence. This includes gathering empirical data, as well as anecdotal evidence that is referenced here without biased commentary.



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3rd Party Articles & Studies 

Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity

This section includes third-party articles on the science behind the brain and its inherent ability to change. Neuroplasticity, in simple terms, means that the brain has the capacity to physically change itself when faced with stress or damage. This implies that if we try, we can change the structure of our brains consciously to make ourselves more confident

This section includes research articles that highlight the effect of confidence on career and the effect of career on confidence.


Women’s Confidence

The “Women’s Confidence” section is comprised of psychological research on women, either in the workplace or in personal life, and information on how low confidence levels arise and affect women’s lives.


Confidence in Sport

An inherent confidence is a key factor in the success of most athletes, no matter what sport they play. The “Confidence in Sport” section presents research on the confident mindset and its impact on athletic performance.


Personal Confidence Guidance

This section is comprised of advice on how to achieve higher confidence in specific situations. It also introduces us to a new concept: self-compassion.


General Confidence Articles/Related Confidence Info

The scientific community is a hodgepodge of research. This section includes general research on confidence that may be interesting to learn.


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