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I wish I knew sooner that confidence is learned but not by faking it or by hearing someone else’s hero story.

I know now that confidence isn’t a result of success – it’s a requirement for it. It is a learned skill and often more important than being competent.

Using modern brain science, now we can learn how to be confident by building desired neural pathways that allow us to confidently think and behave.

My mission is to empower others with this life-changing knowledge so they, too, can help others be their confident best. I hope you’ll choose to join me in bringing more confidence to the world.


In 2008, my older son was diagnosed with a lifelong neurological disability that was predicted to leave him paraplegic.

Thankfully, I simply refused to accept the senseless medical advice I was getting from respected but narrowly trained experts. With only my marketing credentials, I pursued neurological, psychological, and sociological research.

 I studied Eastern and Western techniques and talked to both patients and practitioners around the world to validate my cross-disciplinary discoveries. The experts soon started to ask for my advice.

 Scientifically we know that confidence isn’t inherited, earned or faked. It’s a learned skill, a decision, a choice – and something anyone can master.

My amazing son and over 350,000+ confidence-empowered people prove it:

Confidence is everyone’s choice and superpower.

International Book Award Finalist

Endorsed by leading experts

  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • MIT Entrepreneurial Center
  • MIT Executive Education
  • Wharton Executive Education
  • Wharton Neuroscience
  • UPenn Innovation Center
  • Yale Office of Diversity
  • UC Berkeley Executive Ed Advisory Board
  • HR, talent experts & executive coaches
  • CEOs, bestselling authors & thought leaders
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  • International Book Award-winning, 7-time author
  • 2-time TEDx and a "Boston's Best" speaker
  • Achievement in Thought Leadership STEVIE® award
  • Thrive Global contributor
  • MIT Trust Center Professional Advisor
  • Wharton Innovation Center Instructor
  • ERG Leadership Alliance Founder & Chair
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