Learn the real secret to attracting and achieving what you want – and who you want to be.

Confidence isn’t a result—it’s a requirement for personal and professional success. It fuels persistence, leadership, and well-being. It enables us to be resilient, focused, fearless, and to feel that we belong.


Mastering Everyday Confidence

A 4-hour, on-demand journey designed to take you from unhappy to unstoppable


What we'll cover

  • Defining Confidence: what it is, and what it is not
  • Confidence Brain Science & Metaconfident Thinking
  • Dealing with Confidence Villains & Kryptonite
  • Measuring Confidence
  • Your Confidence Playbook: Values, Needs, & Wants
  • Mindshifts and other brain training
  • Taming Triggers and Confidence Controls
  • Exuding & Communicating Confidence
Master Your Confidence

Earn 4 SHRM PDCs when you take Mastering Everyday Confidence

You'll learn how to:

  • Stay Calm & In Control proactively manage confidence-challenging situations and people.
  • Amplify Your Influence & Impact authentically convey credibility and inspire trust.
  • Boost Your Energy & Engagement reduce the stress of indecision and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Help Others Be Their Best – know how to better motivate and informally coach other people.
Get the Confidence to Be Who You Choose


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Learn how to use basic brain science to strengthen and sustain real confidence.

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