Confidence boosts everyone’s ability to learn and earn

Empower your students, staff, faculty, and alumni

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Bundled and enterprise ACI eclass licenses deliver a unique, affordable, and powerful elearning experience.

Live-led discussion groups, Zoom-based office hours, and other interactive add-ons bring a comprehensive confidence-classroom to your campus! The Confidence Quotient (CQ) assessment provides quantitative measurement and are included in some classes or may be licensed separately.

Classes appropriate for:

  • Students – power up new student orientation, first year experience, honors programs, upcoming graduates, student leadership/government associations, special interest groups/clubs, and more!
  • Faculty – give existing and new faculty an invaluable advantage to have more confidence in themselves (yes, even Ph.D.s need this knowledge, too!) and be more effective role models for students and staff
  • Staff – professional development that enables staff to feel confident about their contributions and interact more effectively with faculty, students and other staff members
  • Alumni – support ongoing job seeking, transitions, salary/promotion negotiation, and high-value continuing education from their alma mater!

Let’s customize a confidence curriculum for your college.

Bulk pricing & enterprise licensing available

Class Offerings

Developed by ACI’s Alyssa Dver, every eclass leverages basic brain science to provide specific tips, tools and techniques that are proven to strengthen and protect individual confidence.


The Science of Confidence - Foundations

50 minutes

Our introductory course looks at the science behind how our brains manage confidence and how confidence impacts our actions and reactions.

Learn how to have real influence and true purpose by authentically respecting your values, needs and wants.


Mastering Everyday Confidence eClass

4 hours

- 9 modules,  plus interactive worksheets with write down and stand up exercises!

- ACI’s Confidence Quotient Assessment, Personal Confidence Dashboard, Big Decision Checklist, 

- PDF copy of “Confidence is a Choice" by Alyssa Dver 


Virtual Networking Confidence

20 minutes

Learn why networking - especially virtual networking - challenges confidence and get pro tips on how to be confident and give confidence on Zoom or any video platform.





Meet Alyssa Dver



Andy Wu

Assistant Professional of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"Dver lays out a clear step by step framework for aspiring leaders to authentically build the the confidence they need to succeed. Her recommendations draw on scholarly research in cognitive and social psychology. She conveys her lessons with powerful anecdotes from professional and personal contexts."


Trish Cotter

Executive Director & Entrepreneur in Residence  Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

"Alyssa states, ‘At its core, confidence is a decision…You decide or determine whether you are confident.’ At MIT, we teach that being a confident entrepreneur is not something you are born with—it is a learned skill."


Daniel Botero

Founder, Mastering College to Career Academy

"Since we pushed out your podcast episode about confidence, it's been one of the fastest downloaded episodes of all time....The feedback I received on this topic and the way you talked about giving other people confidence and giving college students confidence was amazing....Thank you for having such a big impact on my students."