You're competent. So why aren't you more confident?


You do great work that gets results but after years of surviving reorgs, managing around bully bosses and picking up coworkers’ slack, you’re standing in place while everyone around you moves up or moves on. 
You used to speak up in meetings, go after what you want and stand by your convictions, and now, you don’t bother. It’s easy to feel bitter. 

ACI Can Help You Feel Better Instead

ACI's research-backed, corporate battle-tested methodology for reclaiming your confidence isn’t magic—it’s brain science. And it’s easy to learn. 

Our offerings for individuals focus on clarifying what confidence is, teaching how you to calibrate and control yours in difficult situations, and demonstrating how to communicate confidently so you can consciously influence your impact whether you're speaking to audience of one or thousands.

Developed by Alyssa Dver, Chief Confidence Officer, Keynote Speaker, TedX Presenter, the Confidence Quotient Assessment and proprietary courses teach the everyday science behind becoming more confident and apply these principles in a clear and engaging format!


Confidence Quotient Assessment

20 minutes

The CQ is a completely confidential, online assessment that measures the deep brain thinking processes which specifically help or hurt confidence.

Pinpoint self-sabotaging thoughts, and replace them with more confident mental scripts.


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The Science of Confidence - Foundations

50 minutes

Our introductory course looks at the science behind how our brains manage confidence and how confidence impacts our actions and reactions.

Learn how to have real influence and true purpose by authentically respecting your values, needs and wants.


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Mastering Everyday Confidence eClass

4 hours includes The Science of Confidence - Foundations and:

- 9 modules,  plus interactive worksheets with write down and stand up exercises!

- ACI’s Confidence Quotient Assessment, Personal Confidence Dashboard, Big Decision Checklist, 

- PDF copy of “Confidence is a Choice" by Alyssa Dver 

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New Mini-Course!

Virtual Networking Confidence

This 20-minute mini-course covers why networking - especially virtual networking - challenges confidence and offers pro tips on how to be confident and give confidence on Zoom or any video platform.

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Discover the 5Cs of Confidence

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Nicole C.

Development Officer, UMass Medical

"The CQ assessment is a fantastic tool outlining areas of strengths and suggestions for areas to improve upon. It will help me become the best version of myself."


Jason Humphrey

Coding Career Fastlane

"The eClass was an eye-opener to me with all of the brain science behind confidence. Super detailed, engaging & one of a kind instructor. I strongly recommend this course to anyone out there looking to help themselves and those around them with confidence."


Braidy Merkle

Software Engineer at Trunk Club

"Understanding the scientific reasoning behind what is happening in the brain when we lose confidence and how to overcome that has helped me personally and professionally. "