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A powerful personal & professional credential

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ICF Accredited. Earn 9.5 CCEUs when you become a certified ACI Confidence Coach.

(3 Core credits and 6.5 for Resource Development)


For anyone who wants to coach, manage, lead, or simply help others improve their confidence

Usually coaching certificates require weeks, even years, of training. While we can’t teach you all the aspects of coaching in this course, we can teach you how to coach others, specifically, to increase their confidence.

As an ACI Certified Coach, you will:

  • Become a more impactful manager, co-worker, parent, partner, relative, and friend
  • Increase your own confidence as a result of helping others reclaim theirs
  • Receive a printable certificate and a valuable credential to add to your resume, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • Gain a powerful set of tools and, for existing professional coaches, a point of differentiation and client referrals from ACI

ACI Certification is Quick & Easy

  • Complete the self-paced, online eClass Everyday Confidence Coaching (approx. 4 hours).

  • Pass the ACI certification exam (10 questions, open book).

  • Participate in a 3-hour, Zoom practicum facilitated by an ACI Master Coach.

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Upcoming Practicums 

Practicums are led monthly by an ACI Master Coach and are limited to 6 participants. Format is discussion, Q&A and coaching role play. 

Practicums typically run from 11am to 2pm ET. Dates/time subject to change based on participant time zones.

Jan 19 ACI Coaching Certification Practicum

Feb 16 ACI Coaching Certification Practicum

Mar 16 ACI Coaching Certification Practicum

Apr 13 ACI Coaching Certification Practicum

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"The course content was stimulating and the delivery was extremely empowering. This course is a must for anybody working with confidence – in other words for everybody. "

Tim Perris
Family and Education Coach, UK

"The Confidence Coach training through American Confidence Institute was a great way to pull together the experiences our clients have with confidence and increase our support toolkit within a solid coaching framework."

Dianna Leeder

"I’m feeling encouraged and excited about this year – and it’s because of you. I believe in the work you’re doing through ACI. As a result, I’ve established The Benovian Group, LLC to offer Coaching and Advisory services to individuals and corporate clients. "

Kim Christopher
Benovian Group, LLC

"A spirited, dynamic introduction to a critical dimension of coaching that is not well understood. "

Meguido Zola
Life and Executive Coach Professor, Faculty of Education SFU

"The course is absolutely “ah-mazing. It was a GREAT way for me to kick the year off as a coach being reminded of what coaching is all about and being surrounded by a group of powerhouses. "

Nicole Bowe-Rahming
The Fortitude Coach

"Honored and thrilled. Just finished working with an amazing mastermind group and was immediately able to apply my new insights."

Leona van der Meer
Business Coach, unSTUCK Coach, Leadership Development

"I'm excited to be part of the ACI Team, and thank you for developing this amazing program! "

Farida Kahn
Bespoke Coaching

Featured ACI Certified Confidence Coaches

Contact anyone directly or let ACI help match you to one of these or 200+ other excellent coaches we have certified.

Jody Kennett


Specialty: Business Coaching, Women’s Leadership, Youth
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Languages: English


Karen Donaldson


Specialty: Women
Location: Toronto, Canada & San Diego, USA
Languages: English


Jeanette Winters


Specialty:  Executives looking for more/better/different out of themselves, women in search of owning their lives, new managers or leaders trying to figure out the role
Location: Houston area (TX) and Northern California
Languages: English



Alisha Morgan


Specialty: Energy Leadership Index Assessment, any demographic
Location: Toronto, Canada
Languages: English
               LinkedIn                 Instagram


Elizabeth Sheehan


Specialty: Hypnosis, Teens & College Students, Executives, Women
Location: Kerrville, TX
Languages: English 


Nicole Bowe-Rahming


Specialty: Women, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Driven Professionals, Teens
Location: San Antonio, TX
Languages: English


Brooklyn Dicent


Specialty: Women, Execs in sales with on stage and on camera presentation skills 
Location: Seattle, WA
Languages: English & Spanish


Dianna Leeder


Specialty: Women blocked from being themselves
Location: Virtual from Canada 
Languages: English



Meguido Zola


Specialty: Spiritual Coaching, Coaching for Meaning
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Languages: English


Julie Abril


Specialty: Adults over 35
Location: Atlanta, GA
Languages: English & Korean


Jenn Crenshaw

Specialty: Career Transitions 
such as newly promoted, new entrepreneur
Location: DC/Northern VA, Miami
Languages: English

Maureen Cidzik


Specialty: Resilience & Performance
Location: Manchester, NH
Languages: English


Layan Mhanna


Specialty: Men & Women in their 20's & 30's
Location: Dubai
Languages: English & Arabic


Leona van der Meer

Specialty: Leadership Development, Business Coaching 
Location: Uxbridge, MA 
Languages: English

Edith Nkwocha

Specialty: non-native speakers of English, executives, diplomats, physicians
Locations: Nigeria, Ghana, Africa
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan

Cynthia Trejo


Specialty: Women 
Location: Texas, US
Languages: English, Spanish





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